Meal Prep: Smoothies, Sweet Potato Bowls, Brownies, and Veggies



It’s week 7 of the Bikini Series but I was too lazy to look up recipes before I went grocery shopping so I decided to just do my own thing this week (for the most part).   This past weekend wasn’t the healthiest one for me or Kyle.  We definitely had this while watching a movie Saturday night:


And when I say we, I mean Kyle had a few bites and I ate the rest- I thought it was amazing and he only thought it was so-so.  More for me then!

Yesterday, I made sure to prep for a healthy week so I don’t feel so yucky from all the unhealthy stuff I enjoyed over the weekend.


Whenever I have fruits or veggies that are about to go bad, I put them in the freezer to use for smoothies later.  By doing this, I have collected quite a few bags of spinach, kale, berries, bananas, and other odds and ends that are just taking up way too much room in my freezer.


So, I decided that this week I would have smoothies for breakfast and I would use up all those little bags of frozen goodies in my freezer.


I took everything out and got 5 new small plastic baggies.  First, I put in a scoop of oatmeal which I love in smoothies because it makes them so thick and filling!  Then I added kale, spinach, and some left over beet greens.


Next I added bananas, berries, and some mango that was in my freezer.   Lastly, I topped off each bag with a scoop of protein powder.


All the baggies are lined up in my freezer waiting to be dumped into my blender with some almond milk.  I might even add some nuts each day for a little crunch :-)


For lunch, I made an old-time favorite of mine: Sweet potato bowls.  I baked 2 HUGE sweet potatoes in the oven for 50 minutes until they were nice and soft.  While they were cooking, I chopped up red and green peppers and added them to 5 tupperware.  Then I added black beans.


I put 1/2 a sweet potato in each tupperware and while it was still hot, topped it with some shredded cheese.  Then I threw in some chopped green onions (did you know they have a TON of anti-oxidants?) and cilantro.


I topped each tupperware off with some salsa and lettuce.  Every morning before I leave for work I will add in avocado. This is such an easy but delicious lunch, I am really looking forward to it this week!



I bought 5 apples to have as snacks each day, and I also made a pan of healthy protein brownies.




I will probably eat the brownies either first thing when I wake up if I’m hungry, in the afternoon for a snack, or at night for a dessert.



Dinner this week is going to be pretty boring.  I had some left over kale and cabbage, so I added that to some tupperware and topped it with mushrooms.  I plan to just dump this into a pan and sauté it, then add in a few eggs.  I love eggs for dinner because they are so easy and always taste good.


Ready to be dumped into a sauté pan.



And that’s the plan for the week!  What are you eating this week?  


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