Family in Town, Learning Ophtho, and Eating Cookies

Monday again?  The weekends just go by so fast!  This weekend went by especially quickly for us because Kyle’s parents, sister Whitney, and his sister’s new fiancé Kole were in town visiting!  More on that in a bit.

Since I started ophthalmology residency almost a month ago, I’ve already learned SO much.  Everyone talks about the learning curve and how much you learn during the first year, but I didn’t appreciate the true volume of material that we learn until now.  Just speaking with the new second years, who were in my place only one year ago is mind-blowing because they know an incredible amount of ophtho and that will be me in a year!  After this month I already know how to do about 100 things I didn’t know how to do a mere 3 weeks ago.  It’s pretty exciting :-)

Last week was similar in structure to the schedule I posted last Monday.  We had lots of lectures, optics class, refraction clinic, and COS clinic.  And lots of homework…


I got to see more patients with anterior complaints last week (corneal abrasions, foreign bodies, inflammatory conditions like iritis and episcleritis) so I’m hoping that this week will have more of a “posterior theme” and I will get to see more retina stuff.  All the first years have a goal to get comfortable using the three mirror in the next several weeks, and we need retina patients to practice using it.


The three mirror is a tool to help you see the peripheral retina, and the first years are encouraged to use it until we get comfortable using another ophtho tool called the indirect ophthalmoscope, which is a little trickier to master.

Here are the different angles you can see using the three mirror:


I see you!


All week I ate greek yogurt with peaches and almond butter for breakfast.  The peaches at Costco are PERFECT and I am averaging at least 2 a day.  So so so so so good.


And for lunch, salad with hardboiled egg is quickly becoming my go-to.


Last week the salad wasn’t filling me up completely, so I started packing a piece of bread and butter to have on the side which helped keep me full through clinic.  Success.

I also started packing gym clothes and going straight to the gym after clinic.  If I wait to workout until I get home, I will often fall into the trap of the comfortable couch and never get back up!  So, it’s good to go straight to the gym before I go home and convince myself not to work out 😉



This treadmill is ridiculously hard!  It’s one of those self propelled treadmills and I lasted about 5 minutes.



That pretty much recaps my week!  The real fun started on Friday when Kyle’s parents, Whitney, and Kole arrived!  Kyle had the day off on Friday, so they all went canoeing while I was at work.  I am so jealous because it sounds like a ton of fun and they all said they really enjoyed it.  Next time.  On Friday evening, I met them all for dinner at a local restaurant called Chester’s.

Kole’s birthday was last week and Whitney’s birthday is next week, so we have a joint celebration.  Aren’t they the cutest couple?


On Saturday, we all went to the farmer’s market for coffee, breakfast, and a little shopping.  Then, we went to Mayo so I could give the group a tour of the clinic.  We walked around the buildings and everyone liked reading info from the historical exhibits.  This ambulance is real!


Saturday afternoon, we grilled pizza for lunch just like Kyle and I did on the 4th of July.  Everyone loved the pizza- I highly recommend trying it grilled if you haven’t!


After pizza, we went to get ice cream.  Super healthy lunch right?  But so so delicious!

Saturday evening, the Tooley’s went to a Twins game in the cities.  They bought the tickets months ago, before I started ophtho, and I had no idea what my schedule would be, so I didn’t get a ticket.  It actually worked out well because I got to work on my homework while they went to the game.  Kyle almost caught a ball and was on TV!

Can you see him leaning over the fence in the middle?  Kyle’s dad is sitting wearing a yellow shirt on the top left.


On Sunday, we had to say our goodbyes and it was back to just Kyle and me.


I did my meal prep for the week as usual- this time a salad with corn, tomatoes, peppers, black beans, lime juice and olive oil.  I thought I would make little cabbage tacos out of it at first.


But, that seemed too messy, so I ended up chopping the cabbage and putting it all in together as one big salad.  I added a hardboiled egg to each tupperware for some more protein and packed them all up for the week!



I’m looking forward to eating lots of healthy veggies this week because these huge bags of cookies have been in my kitchen since Friday.  They aren’t really huge bags anymore because I’ve eaten them all!


Kyle’s mom makes the best cookies so I had to eat as many as possible right?

This week, my game plan is to study hard, make it to the gym after work most days, drink more water (I get so dehydrated during the day because I always forget to drink during clinic!), and sleep sleep sleep.  What’s your game plan this week?

Talk to you guys soon!

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