How To Do A Restful Weekend Right

And so begins a new week!  How was your weekend?

I’m writing this post in a bit of a hurry because our internet was out all last night and it’s still not coming in as fast as it usually does.  Kyle was on the phone with the internet people yesterday evening trying to get everything fixed- it’s so frustrating!  It’s also a big reminder of how dependent upon technology we are!  How can we live without high speed internet?

By the end of the week last Friday, I was pretty tired.  I don’t know why but I felt tired all week and just couldn’t seem to get into my groove.  I didn’t study as much and I only worked out 4 times, so it wasn’t my best week.  This week, I am determined to dominate and maximize all my time so I can study more but still workout and sleep enough- my three big priorities (besides hanging out with Kyle, which is a given :-) )

Besides sleeping, eating healthy, and working out, drinking water is also so important for me to feel energized and well in general.  It’s too easy for me to go through an entire day of clinic with nothing to drink, so I put little rubber bands on my water bottle to help encourage me to refill it and drink more throughout the day.


Whenever I finish a bottle, I move a rubber band up and then refill it.  There are 4 rubber bands, so I should get 4 L of water a day.  I haven’t been getting all 4 in, but last week I did have 2-3L per day which is way better than what I was doing before!

Our optics professor gave us all this book and I found the title so cute I took a picture and put it on instagram last week.  Isn’t it funny?


Since I was feeling so tired by the end of last week, I really focused on recharging this weekend so that I could start this new week feeling refreshed and ready to go.

On Friday night, Kyle and I didn’t feel like cooking (and we needed to go grocery shopping) so we opted for dinner out, which we hardly ever do!  We checked out a little Mexican restaurant that’s only a few miles from our house and I have to say, the food was excellent!

Kyle got enchiladas and I got a chicken burrito.  The plates were huge!





On Saturday, we slept in (hallelujah!) and went to the farmers market as usual.  I think last Saturday was our 7th week in a row at the farmer’s market!  Some of my favorite finds last week were pea shoots and purple cabbage, which I ate all last week, so this weekend I picked out a few different items like tomatoes, corn, broccoli, and shallots.

Purple cabbage and mushrooms, with avocado toast and pea shoots- so perfect!



In my efforts to make the weekend relaxing and de-stressing, I picked a warm yoga fusion class to attend Saturday afternoon.  Since my gym is less than 2 miles away, I ran there before the class.


It was a hot, summer day, and I was sweating like crazy before I even walked into the heated yoga class.  Then I just started sweating more!  Luckily, the room wasn’t super heated, so I cooled down and enjoyed the class without melting.

After yoga I jogged back home.  My shadow says hello!



Kyle and I wanted to make something fun for dinner, so we stopped at out favorite little grocery store (People’s Food Co-op) and spotted some beautiful looking oysters and mussels.  We bought just a few oysters to have as a little treat, and a pound of mussels to have for dinner.

To make the mussels, I washed them off and put them in a bowl with a wet paper towel in the fridge.


Meanwhile, I chopped up some garlic, shallots, and lemon zest.  I added the garlic and shallots to a pot with olive oil and red pepper flakes and let them simmer until the kitchen smelled incredible.


Then, I added lemon zest and some water and brought the mixture to a boil.  Once boiling, I threw in the mussels to steam for a few minutes until they had all popped open.

I carefully removed the mussels and added some butter a lot of butter to the remaining liquid in the pan.  Then, I tossed that sauce with some bowtie pasta and added the mussels back in.




While I was cooking, Kyle was working away trying to shuck the oysters.  Can you see him working hard in the background?


He is now a master shucker and we had perfect oysters before dinner!




After that huge dinner I went to bed while it was still light outside.  That is a perfect day in my mind!

I food prepped a lot of good stuff for this week but this post is already pretty long, so I think I will save that for another day!

Hope you have a fantastic Monday everyone!


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