Cooking with Hello Fresh and Making Call Schedules

One of our family friends gifted us with a Hello Fresh box last week and Kyle and I had the tastiest meals last weekend cooking with all the great ingredients!  (Thank you Deborah and Walton!!)  These boxed meal services have taken off all over the country and I love that it’s helping to get people cooking and making homemade meals more often!

This was actually my second time trying Hello Fresh- the first time was with my mom at home in Indiana!

I’ve also tried Blue Apron before, and did a little review of their service compared to Hello Fresh here.

The first meal we tried was my favorite by far- a shrimp linguine with bell peppers, parsley and lemon.




Kyle and I made some fresh green beans to have on the side and this meal was superb!



The next day, I made a nectarine and arugula panzanella salad which was so-so.  It had a lot of mint, which isn’t my favorite flavor.





The third meal was a chipotle steak dish with corn and poblano peppers.  Kyle loved the steak and I loved the corn!



I hope you have had a great week friends!  Personally, I am glad it’s Friday because I am tired this week!  All 4 of the first years got together on Tuesday night and had a pot-luck dinner at our house.



Nitika, one of my co-residents, made the most incredible vegetable curry- I seriously think I could eat it every day.  When I asked her where she gets her ingredients she said, “oh, I get all my spices back in India.”  Dang.  I don’t think I can get any spices around here that would top hers!


I made a salad with arugula, goat cheese, peaches, and avocado.  I also made a pita chip/dip with tomatoes, green onions, feta, olive oil, and greek seasonings.  That chip/dip recipe is from my sister-in-law and is always a hit!  So easy to make and perfect for a party!


Margaret brought the rice for the curry and Michael brought a cheesecake for dessert.  I was stuffed after dinner!

We all got together to work on our call schedule for the entire year.  Starting NEXT WEEK (eek!!) we will be taking primary call for the entire year.  I have 93 days on call- 39 weekend days, 13 Mondays (the Monday call person starts taking call Sunday night, so it’s really 2 days), and 41 week days of call.  Not that I’m counting….


Have you tried a meal delivery service?  You should try it!!

How was your week?  Weekend plans?  Tell me! 

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