Ice Cream Sandwiches Might Be My Favorite Dessert

Yesterday was my day off from the ICU and I think I put the day to pretty good use!

After slowly waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee, I wandered into the kitchen to make breakfast.  I couldn’t decide between a sweet or savory option- both sounded good to me!  So, I took a FlatOut wrap and cut it in half.  On one half I smeared some peanut butter and drizzled honey.  On the other half, I scrambled 2 eggs and added some avocado.  The best of both worlds:


After breakfast I took off for a quick trip to Costco.  I needed egg whites and a few other staples.  I truly adore Costco.  You can get high quality items at reasonable prices and having to buy it in bulk is just a plus for me!  I would be going to the store every 2 days if I couldn’t buy some things in bigger packages!

Yesterday I got spinach, broccoli, bananas, strawberries, a watermelon, babybel cheese, fage greek yogurt, egg whites, and some frozen mixed vegetables.  Today I’m planning to make a stir-fry, so I can use the broccoli and frozen veggies for that.  I might even sauté in some of the spinach!


After Costco I had lunch, lounged around, did some emails and blog stuff, some work stuff (I always want to say school stuff, but I guess I’m not in school anymore?!).  By mid-afternoon I was ready to get outside for some exercise.  It was a gorgeous day yesterday, sunny and in the mid 70’s.  I always feel guilty spending any pretty day inside because I know that come winter, I will need a lot of prior sunny days to get my through the snowy, cold, and gloomy ones.

As soon as I started my run, iTunes radio decided to play the best songs!  I love it when I have a good playlist for working out, but I’m always too lazy to make my own, so I just risk it with Pandora or iTunes, and lately iTunes has not disappointed!

First was this:

That song just gets me every time!


And then:   ***Caution- this music video is a little risqué


I ran a solid 5 miles, although I did slow down a bit for my 4th mile.


Then I walked a half mile to cool down.


After my run I showered quickly because Kyle and I had plans to go to Thursdays On First, which is a street festival that takes place every Thursday all summer long in Rochester.  There is food, live music, vendors selling crafts, it’s pretty awesome!

Both Kyle and I had heard raving reviews about the fish tacos, but neither of us had tried them yet.  So, we went straight to the Pescara booth to try them out.

Verdict?  Delicious!  The slaw was so crunchy and fresh, the fish was melt-in-your-mouth, and the sauce was tangy and not too over powering.  I’m not sure they are worth their $8 price tag (for one taco!?!?) but I’m glad we tried them!



Of course, I wanted to get a taco, but really I only cared about getting an ice cream sandwich.  The last time Kyle and I were at Thursdays on First, we ran out of cash and couldn’t get one, so naturally I’ve been dreaming of them ever since.

You can get a full sized ice cream sandwich (which were the size of my face) or you could get 2 mini ones for $3.  The 2 mini option was perfect, so Kyle and I could both have one!  I don’t think I could have eaten the whole normal sized one!  Actually, that’s not true.  I totally could have eaten it.  But, I would have had a stomach ache 😉


4 of my gorgeous classmates were downtown and we got to meet up with them for a while.  Jenn and Claudia were both on ICU last month and they have been giving me so much help and advice, which is greatly appreciated.  Hilda and Emily were there too and it was so nice to just relax with friends for a minute!



After that long day I was ready for bed!  Today I am working a night shift, so I have the day to get a few things done and nap :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!


Ice cream sandwiches- love them?  I just don’t know if a dessert can get better!  

Does music pump you up for running? 


  1. Emma says

    Andrea! I just started med school two weeks ago and have been a huge fan of your blog for awhile now, so first off, just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! You remind me a lot of myself and everything I strive to be! haha. Also, I just wanted to say you and Kyle look super cute together in that last picture…and this may sound weird, but you guys almost resemble each other! haha! Keep up the awesome blogging, because I check daily looking forward to your posts and good luck with your rotations!!! :)

    • aawenzel says

      Hi Emma!! Congratulations on starting med school!!!! That’s amazing!!!! It’s so funny that you say Kyle and I look alike, because my best friend tells me that all the time!!! Thanks so much for you nice comment and support!

  2. Larisa @0to26point2 says

    Looks like you had a great day:) My sister n law lives in Rochester, I need to tell her about Thuersday nights. Thanks for posting.

  3. says

    Ice cream sandwiches are delicious! And it looks like you are having a great time in the city. Costco shopping, running. That’s awesome!

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