Bestowed Boxes- Treat Yourself!!

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Lately I’ve found that 1 month box subscriptions are all the rage.  You can get boxes with clothes, boxes for your pets, boxes of makeup or accessories- anything really- sent right to your door on a monthly basis!!!

I’ve tried the clothing boxes and didn’t really love feeling pressured to buy clothes every month “just because”.  But, I do LOVE one box company called Bestowed.

Have you heard of Bestowed boxes?



I blogged about them before, and recently I’ve become an ambassador for the company!

Bestowed is a monthly subscription box with all kinds of unique, healthy foods.  Every month you can get a new box sent to you will all kinds of fun new treats to try.  The best thing about Bestowed, is that everything sent to you will be healthy and approved by Heather, the registered dietician who founded the company.  You know you are getting a box full of quality items.

My favorite way to use Bestowed, is to treat myself to a box whenever I need a little motivation or something special.  If I’ve had a really tough month, I will order a box to come and it’s a little gift to myself!  If you’re studying for finals- this would be a great box to arrive to your door!


Tell your parents to send you a box as a care package!

It’s so fun to get one in the mail, and try all the cool products that you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself at the grocery.

This month, I got a box and was so excited to see all the goodies:


It had Wasabi chickpeas, coconut oil, a zing double nut brownie bar, an energy fruits drink, cinnamon tea, a zevia ginger ale, and a free month membership to an online yoga workout website!


These are addicting.  I LOVE the other flavors this brand has, but I’ve been hesitant to buy the wasabi flavor.  I was so excited to see them in the box this month because now that I’ve tried them, I love them!  Kyle has been snacking on these chickpeas as well.  The wasabi flavor is pretty intense but once you’ve had a few you just want more!!


My mom loves these Zing bars, but we’ve never tried this flavor before!  It is GOOOOD.  It reminds me of a larabar but it’s bigger and has more protein- which are two big bonuses in my book!!


And you can’t go wrong with coconut oil!!  I also love that I got a one month free membership to get yoga and pilates workouts online- how perfect for a busy month!!

So now that I’ve raved about Bestowed, I hope you try a box!! It is such a fun way to treat yourself and you know it will be better for your health than a big tub of ice-cream (although I do love ice cream and totally treat myself with that all the time!!)

You can get $5 off your first bestowed purchase

using this link and the code 5OFFBST :-) 

I tried this box in May and that popcorn?  To die for!!  The farro was awesome too!

I tried this box in May and that popcorn? To die for!! The farro was awesome too!


Let me know if you try a box!!



  1. Bella says

    Hello!! Love your blog!! I am obsessed and you are such an inspiration to me :)
    I am going into first year biochem in uni and was wondering if there are any big backpacks that you recommend

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