Bodies In Motion Stay In Motion

It’s true:  A body in motion will stay in motion, while a body at rest will remain at rest.

You can’t argue with Sir Isaac Newton.

I have been learning this law of motion over and over again this week.  Because I’m pretty much on my own this month, with no clinical duties every day, I have the luxury of doing things on my own time.

But, this luxury also allows me to lie on the couch all day long, letting my restful body stay at rest.

I think I’ve said this before, but I tend to get WAY more done when I’m busy.  When I have tons of time, I like to squander it away watching Bravo all day long.  So this past Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, my couch and TV have gotten more use than they did all last month.  It’s bananas how lazy I can get so quickly.

Luckily, I recognize this about myself and can snap out of it.  But it makes me realize how easy it can be for others who aren’t so health conscious to fall into a sluggish trap.  When you get home and immediately go to the couch, it is SO hard to get back up.  When you aren’t accustomed to working out every morning, or every day for that matter, it seems impossible to get the energy to do it.

And on the flip side, when you’re body is in motion (working out, staying active) it’s SO easy to stay that way!  I fly through the day actively getting things done and don’t even think twice about it.

SO here is my promise to myself and to you to keep my body in motion.


Making this promise to myself has made me think about other things in my day I should promise myself to do.

Do you ever think about your “perfect” day, or the ideal person you’d like to be?  Ideally for me, I’d like to wake up, meditate, workout, get ready, eat breakfast without technology intruding, and begin my day.  I’d like to work steadily through the day, staying active, eating every 3 hours.  I’d like to come home and go for a long walk, or do another short workout.  Then have dinner peacefully- again without technology distracting me.  I would spend some quality time with Kyle, read/study, and then go to bed.

But in reality, I wake up and run to the kitchen for coffee.  I spend 20 minutes checking Facebook/mindless internet activity that’s mostly trash.  Maybe I’ll study for a bit, maybe I’ll work out.  I’ll shower and get dressed, then scarf down breakfast in front of the TV or in front of my computer.  I’ll work through the day, sometimes skipping meals and snacking on candy instead.  I’ll come home and plop down on the couch, never to get up again until I drag myself away from more trashy TV and go to bed.

There’s SUCH a difference between these two days!  And what I’ve noticed, is that it’s easier to fall into day #2.  Day #1 takes effort.  But maybe, just maybe, if I get into the motion of that day, I can stay in motion with it!  Maybe it will get easier?

For now, I think I will “fake it till I make it”.  I will pretend I’m the most zen/peaceful/healthy lady as I meditate and quietly enjoy my meals without E! network interrupting.



Being the healthy person you want to be isn’t always easy!  But for me, recognizing when I’ve slipped into habits I don’t like is the big way to change.

I write all this because I think lots and lots of people struggle with these same types of things!  I hope to tell my patients one day that they can get out of ruts they may be in, and change their routine.  It gets easier!  Even when your body has been at rest for a while, once you get moving, you can keep moving.  Small actions each day add up to big change. :-)



Are you more productive when you’re busy?  

How do you stay in motion?

Do you believe in “faking it until you make it”?

What’s your “ideal day”?


  1. says

    I can totally relate to this! When I have time off, I get so lazy and don’t get anything done. And I feel so yucky. That’s why I love being busy (and love to hate it haha).

    I hope you can find the motivation to get moving! :)

  2. says

    Your perfect morning sounds…well now I sound ridiculous…perfect! I wish I could make it happen every morning, and perhaps I should try. To stay in motion when my body (very much) wants to stay at rest, I rely on my friends and fellow bloggers. This half marathon training thing is kicking my butt because I’ve been so lazy. Without my boyfriend, I’d be crap at it. Haha. Excellent post though, Sir Isaac Newton would approve!

  3. says

    Your perfect day sounds great! I wish I had the motivation and time for all that but I too enjoy my Real Housewives shows. 😉 It’s tough to get out of that loop but once you do you realize it’s so worth it. That’s what gets me up and moving!

  4. says

    I totally like your idea of your ideal day. However, of course it is harder to do it. It’s okay to go back and froth once in a while. Life can get busy and things come up.
    And, I have to say. I am more productive when I am busy. Maybe it’s the idea that I have to get things done that makes me work more efficiently.

  5. says

    I’m exponentially more productive when I’m busy, but not too busy. I like structure, routine so when I don’t have that I feel like I unintentionally waste so much time. If I know I have an hour and only an hour to get something done, it gets done. If there’s no real deadline, it drags on and on and on.

    I stay in motion by scheduling my own workouts like I schedule my clients. If it’s in the planner, it gets done. That said, if I feel like I’m needing a rest day, I take it. Always.

    My ideal day would start early early. Work a few hours then walk/workout. Then breakfast, work a few more hours then relax the rest of the day. My goal is to one day have an online business where such a schedule is possible.

    Yes!! I’m a big believer in the mantra ‘fake it til you make it’!Thoughts –> feelings –> actions and action > inaction so…..

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