Hallelujah my computer is back into my hands and my trackpad is working perfectly!  Thank you Apple store!

Since I’ve been gone and computerless, so much has happened!!  It might be best to break it down by category:


I finished my first week on ophthalmology!  For three days I was in a pediatric eye clinic which I thought I would hate.  I’m not a huge kids person and giving a small child an eye exam can be pretty impossible.  What I ended up loving about pediatrics was the surgery (lots of pediatric eye muscle surgeries which are super cool) and the fact that you make an incredible difference in a child’s life.  If a young child has a droopy eyelid, or one eye that goes in a different direction than the other, they can become permanently blind in that eye.  The brain doesn’t want you to see double all the time, so the brain will pick your dominant eye and nerve endings from that eye will overtake the other eye’s part of the brain.  Once you’re 10 years old this cannot be fixed.  So small surgeries on these kids is literally the difference between being blind in one eye for life, and having normal vision.  That is amazing.

I needed to practice my slit lamp exam skills, so I used a Kleenex box as a patient:



It actually worked really well:



Mid-week, I went to a fancy hotel downtown to make a presentation with another med-student.  We ended up winning $12,000 to purchase visual field machines to hold community vision screenings!  Yippee!!!!



The last 2 days of the week were spent doing an OSCE exam (objective standardized clinical exam… don’t ask) and then in a cornea clinic.  I really enjoyed the cornea clinic because the resident let me use his lenses to examine the patients.  So cool.




Last week was a big of a hodge-podge when it came to fitness.  Thursday was my OSCE exam which started at 7am and I was ridiculously unprepared so I didn’t workout in the morning.  Then Kyle my fiancé was here interviewing for a job in Indy (send up prayers for him!!!) so I didn’t workout Thursday.  Saturday, Kyle and I went on a nice 5 mile run/walk along the canal by my house.  Yesterday I went for a quick 2 mile run and then actually went to yoga.  I haven’t been to yoga in forever and my body was screaming for it.  I think I might even go again this week!

I also got in some quality time on my old faithful treadmill.


Last week at the farmer’s market, I bought some ground bison.  I chopped up some parsley and basil and cooked it all up in a pan.  Add some tabouli and spinach and voila!  You have a nice meal to go:




I’ve also had my fair share of protein pancakes!  I was ALL about these last summer and they have returned to my diet once again!



A while ago, I was contacted by the lovely people at Bestowed to see if I wanted to review one of their boxes.  I had already heard tons of good things about Bestowed so obviously I said YES!!

Bestowed is a monthly service that provides a box of delicious treats each month.  What is unique about this service, is that the products endorsed by Bestowed are healthy, good for you, yummy-licious products.

I am the type of person to buy something at the grocery just because I’ve never seen it before and I absolutelymusttryitrightnow.

Do you do that?

What I love about Bestowed is that you get to try out 5 cool new products in each box without breaking the bank.  Can we talk about how much I want to try all these new items?

cocomama ips sun_cups


You can see all the other products featured here.

When I opened my box, I ripped through it like a kid on Christmas morning. No joke.




This fig bar is my new favorite thing ever.  So yum!



I was so proud of myself for savoring the chocolate over 3 days.  Man it was good.  And the jerky on the left?  I packed it in my backpack for a snack in the hospital and it was PERFECT!

I think a Bestowed box would be a fabulous gift for any foodie friend you have.  Or just a nice monthly treat for yourself!  I love that you can be introduced to new products without having to buy a huge box of them.


Have you tried any box type service?  My fiance’s sister has done the fashion boxes and those seem cool too. 

Do you buy random things in the grocery because they are new and interesting?  I definitely do. 

Any good new workouts lately?  I am so proud of myself for going to yoga :-) 


***Disclaimer:  I was provided a box from Bestowed.  All opinions are my own.




  1. says

    My Aunt had that eye thing as a child. Unfortunately my grandparents didn’t correct it (big Irish family without a lot of money growing up) and now she’s legally blind in one eye. That’s crazy to think a simple procedure could have fixed it.

    • aawenzel says

      :-( This kind of thing is so common. I read somewhere that almost 90% of blindness is preventable- crazy. I’m sorry about your aunt, but glad she has one good eye!

  2. says

    I always enjoy reading your entries about school because you seem to *really* love medicine, tiresome as it can be. Definitely motivational. I was hoping there’d be something fun to read this morning for an extra boost because today I submit my AMCAS application! :) (…Somehow the submission open date got pushed back to June 10th this year, thank you, Glitches.) Hopefully I’ll be able to come back and read your school-related tips starting next fall, :D.

    • aawenzel says

      AWw thanks Toni! CONGRATULATIONS on submitting AMCAS!!! That is so exciting!!! Now you can sit back and relax!

  3. says

    You are too cute & so much going on in your life & you smile away! :)

    I actually am kinda picky about what I eat so I don’t do the boxes since I may not want a lot of what is in them – although I could give away! :)


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