7 Day Slim-Down Day 2 Overview

Day 2 of the Tone It Up 7 Day Slim-down was a success!!!  I woke up early Saturday morning to blog and check the news, Facebook… all the important stuff 😉

Like Day 1, I felt hungry when I woke up so I grabbed another handful of almonds to eat alongside my coffee.  I feel very lucky in that I like my coffee black so I don’t have to worry about trying to do without cream and sugar.

Kyle woke up not too long after me, and was hungry too!  So we decided to make breakfast right away.  He wanted oatmeal and cinnamon toast.  I wanted a protein pancake.


Protein Pancake:

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/3 cup egg whites
  • 1/2 cup blueberries

Mash the banana and mix all ingredients together.  Cook in a skillet over medium heat until brown on both sides.  Mine looks burnt but I think it’s just because I used chocolate protein powder!



Since I am not in Indianapolis, I don’t have access to a gym.  My mom has a treadmill I can use, but I was really hoping to find a great workout I could do online that wouldn’t be boring.

Fitness Blender never lets me down!! I found the perfect 1 hour 26 minute “epic 1000 calorie burning HIIT and total body strength workout”


The HIIT portion was my favorite.  It lasted 36 minutes total and was tough but not so hard that I wanted to quit!

The strength section was okay but would have been better if I had heavier dumbbells (I only had 5 lbs).

I made a HUGE mistake and left my beloved heart rate monitor in Indianapolis so I can’t tell you how many calories I burned exactly.  But going by how tired I was and how I felt through the workout, I would guess about 600.  P.S.  I HATE this exercise:


Mid-Morning Snack

Like yesterday, I made a 1/2 grapefruit with stevia for a snack.  So refreshing!



I ate the frozen veggies I had prepared in Indianapolis along with 4 oz chicken and my special sauce of ketchup, mustard, and sriracha mixed together.  Perfect!


Frozen veggie packets from Costco- super handy!!

Frozen veggie packets from Costco- super handy!!

Workout #2

Kyle wanted to workout with me and I still needed 30 more minutes so we decided to do a workout together on the treadmill.  We set the speed pretty high and switched off sprinting a minute and resting a minute.

When one person was resting, the other person would jump on the treadmill and run!  We did this for about 20 minutes until Kyle was tired (he was running a minute and I was only running 45 seconds).  I finished off the last 10 minutes sprinting for 30 sec and resting for 30 seconds.




I wasn’t about to use that gross coconut milk again, even though I had planned to have a protein shake!  So I opted for protein pudding:

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 TBS cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • 1 packet stevia
  • splash of water
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 tsp almond butter

When you mix protein powder with just a small amount of water, it makes a protein pudding!  YUM!


Kyle and I had to drive to Kyle’s sister’s house yesterday because his parents had ordered a ton of meat and they didn’t have room for it in their refrigerator.  Kyle’s parents weren’t in town and needed someone to deal with the meat (lol).  Since it wouldn’t fit in Kyle’s sister’s fridge, we needed to go get it and bring it to Kyle’s parents house.  Confusing!

Well… this meat smelled AMAZING.  It was smoked pork and Kyle and I were both salivating starting the moment we picked it up.  It was still hot, oozing with yummy juices… I don’t even like meat that much and this stuff was making me want to grab a fork and knife and dig in!


I made an executive decision to have turkey soup for dinner and throw in a few pieces of this glorious pork to add flavor.  Best decision ever.


I’m sure the meat is SUPER fatty and not good for you at all.  But I’m going to tell myself that the small amount I had was just protein and didn’t derail my diet 😉

Night-Time Snack

At 6:30 or 7pm (immediately after I devoured my soup and pork) I had a plain greek yogurt with cinnamon and 1 packet splenda.  That was it for the night!


Other goals:

Here is my calorie breakdown for the day:


I FAILED on my water goal.  I only refilled my nalgene once… that’s 64 oz.  I had a few other glasses of water that I didn’t count, but I know I didn’t hit 90oz.


Kyle and I meditated again!!!! 5 minutes down!  Loving it and so glad I made it a part of this 7 day program.



What did you do yesterday?  Any good healthy meals?  Do you make protein pudding?



    • aawenzel says

      Hi Rachel! I don’t know a lot about meditation at all… so forgive me if I don’t use the right terms. When I meditate I just try to focus on my breathing. I say to myself “inhale…exhale” or “breathe in… breathe out”. I try to picture only blackness. When an image or thought comes into my mind, I just come back to the blackness and the breath. It’s hard work! Lol! Another good way to do it is to try to slow your breath down as much as you can. Take a big inhale, then slowly exhale through pursed lips- like breathing through a straw. If you can slow your breath down to 4 or 5 breaths a minute, you get tons of benefits. Hope that helps!

  1. says

    Great job girl. You’re doing awesome so far. It’s great how Kyle is supporting you through all of this. It really does help to have support.
    Also, great eats! I’m wondering, could you substitute grapefruit for a different type of fruit as a snack? I also like how you’re not sticking exactly to TIU’s plan. You’re just making it work for you, which is a good thing. The protein pudding sounds delicious.

    • aawenzel says

      Thank you Helen! It is SO helpful to have support. Kyle is great (most of the time… he had some chocolate chip cookies yesterday that were screaming my name!). You could sub in an apple, orange, or pear instead of the grapefruit no problem. I read somewhere that bodybuilders like grapefruit because it’s a natural diuretic… but with all the water I’m drinking I don’t know if it makes a difference! lol!

  2. Kasia says

    Andrea, what type of protein powder do you use? I’ve been using a soy protein powder but I’m looking to find a potentially less yucky option :) Congrats on completing Day 2!! Thanks!

    • aawenzel says

      Hey Kasia! I use either GNC whey protein, optimum whey (ordered from bodybuilding.com), or whole foods whey protein. I’ve tried whole foods soy and it is not good at all!! GNC whey never disappoints, but I usually just buy whatever is cheapest at the time lol!!

      • Kasia says

        Thanks Andrea – I’ll see what the best deals are on Amazon and Bodybuilding. Keep up the great work on your slim-down! I’ll be at the formal this weekend too, I’ll keep an eye out to say hello!

    • aawenzel says

      Monica you are my favorite person ever! Thank you so much for the sweet encouragement! I was just reading your blog yesterday and you are doing awesome too!

    • aawenzel says

      Avocado makes EVERYTHING better!!! I’ve never added it to protein pudding but I’m made chocolate mousse with it… so I think my next task is avocado protein pudding! Thanks for the idea lindsay!

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