Week Recap, Sending Blog Love, and Marinara Sauce

Happy Sunday!

I hope your weekend has been wonderful and relaxing.  I wasn’t able to blog on Friday morning because I was frantically working on a powerpoint for my research rotation.  I can’t believe that this rotation is almost over- where does the time go!?!

Work Work Work!

My week in the lab ended on a pretty great note.  I got a lot done Friday in terms of experiments and data collecting, etc.  I also brought some snacks for our weekly lab meeting that turned out to be delicious and super easy to make!

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE bringing food to anything and everything.  I am always the girl to bring snacks to team meetings, early morning meetings, any other Tuesday, you name it!  This past Friday, I wanted to bring something warm, but there is no oven in the kitchen at work and so whatever I brought had to be able to be warmed in the microwave.

I decided to make a warm goat cheese and marinara dip with crostinis to dip.  I figured the goat cheese would do fine in the microwave and even though it wouldn’t have the browned top I love on normal baked goat cheese, it would still be good.

As fate would have it, there was a toaster oven in the kitchen at work!  And so, I was able to make a normal baked goat cheese and marinara dip no problem.  I brought 1 jar of regular marinara and poured it into an oven safe dish.

I then added herbed goat cheese on top.  I crumbled some pieces so there would be texture but mainly just put the whole log right in there like an island of cheesy heaven.

Into the toaster oven it went!  The dish came out bubbly and brown on top.  I rushed to bring it to the meeting room so quickly I forgot to take a picture.  Whoops!

We used garlic toasts to dip and everyone said it was a hit.  Easy and impressive- just my style 😉

Earlier in the day I attended a lunch talk about CIA mind control experiments (crazy!!!) and used all my will-power to say no to the pizza served at the meeting.  Look at that goodness!

Yes I took a picture of the pizza 1 row in front of me…. Not creepy at all..

Even though I had plenty of the goat cheese dip, I was still craving pizza!  Plus, I still had extra marinara sauce left over, so I knew I had the perfect excuse to make some pizza for myself.  Obviously I wanted to ‘healthify’ my version at home, (otherwise I would have just dug in to the Papa John’s at the lunch talk!).  The universe must have heard my pizza craving cries because look what I found at the grocery:

Ezekiel pitas!!! I have NEVER seen these before and as soon as my eyes spotted these whole grain, sprouted, super healthy, not super tasty (kinda tastes like cardboard) pitas, I thought, “PERFECT PIZZA CRUST!!!”

Covered in marinara, sliced veggie sausages, and vegan cheese (don’t ask- I bought it as an impulse at Whole Foods and I kind of like it!) these little pitas made a healthy pizza to die for.

I will be having this lunch again in the near future!

Do you ever go on pizza/italian/marinara sauce kicks?  Whenever I have marinara in the house, I use it up so quickly and it normally involves making some kind of pizza.  Do you ever healthify pizzas?  I’ve made them with english muffins before and I’ve also used cottage cheese on top.  SO many healthy options!  

I want to end this blog with a shout of out love to all the other wonderful people in this blogging community.  This week has been super rough on a few girls whom I adore.  If you know of anyone going through a hard time, reach out to them with love and support- we all need it!  Lindsay wrote a great post about this.  Tina needs a hug and well wishes.  Another Lindsay is going though something I cannot imagine.  Amanda took a tragedy and turned it into something wonderful.  I hope all these girls feel the love and support of this community.


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